An insight

Despite this blog allowing anonymous posting, I remain vulnerable as the fellow writers on this blog are friends that are the most cherished and will read this. I don't talk much about my mental health. I do not have the courage to tell social media, Facebook friends, that I'm on downward slope. If I do,... Continue Reading →

A theme of life

It's rather unfortunate... my love life that is. It's unfortunate that I fall for assholes, shitty men and people whom are considered my best friends. There's one of those but not all in the same category. I lie to myself saying, "no, I don't love them. We're just friends. I'm friend zoned forever." Or maybe... Continue Reading →

A little seasoning of racism

I'm never too sure if I should write about my experiences with racism. It's one of those "taboo" issues, well not really but for some it is as they like to think "racism doesn't exist." I lived for short time, below the Mason-Dixon line in Washington, D.C./Virginia. Or should I distinguish like everyone from Virginia... Continue Reading →

Tap…tap…is this thing on?

Have you ever wondered who is listening, or reading in this matter, when you are typing away? Who is REALLY reading this, anyway? As thought-provoking as it is, it can be a little scary to enter the great abyss that is the Internet and pour your less-than-three out there for the world to decode. But I've... Continue Reading →

e x c i t e d

Heya! Thought I'd finally write something in this blog I've created. I'm pretty excited about a few things, mostly this summer. I choose to not disclose my employer for privacy reasons. I'm pretty excited because I will be working at a location in which I have previously worked at! It was my first location, the... Continue Reading →


A little bit about me. Because of the anonymity, I feel good about expressing myself here. I just found recently from a reputed source that I am actually a psychic, a clairvoyant, and a medium. If you don't believe in that stuff that's a-okay with me. It was a life changing conversation. Ever since I... Continue Reading →

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